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23. Anglo-American. Chicagoan. INT Major. Sporadic obsessionist, self-embraced geek. Lover of music, film, literature, history, randomosity. Hiddles/Cumberbatch/Fassy/Hardy apprecianado, Dickens/Conan Doyle/Salinger/Vonnegut/GRR Martin addict, disciple of Izzard. Dual citizen, world traveler, one day sure to have curiosity get the better of me.
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Obama’s one-liners during his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner. 

Gots jokessssss

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Trying to hold myself back from losing it, lately.



No, it’s not real, obviously, and yeah, it’s my janky writing (forgive me, but I haven’t written it in 7 months), but I’ve missed seeing this.

I realized I stopped saying the mani or even thinking about it, especially during when times have been rough. It brings an odd, comforting peace. Maybe one day I’ll get it done so I never forget it again.

People fighting about DmC on the internets


President Josiah Bartlett takes down one of the fundamentalist crazy people that believe ‘homosexuality is an abomination’.  And it is awesome <3 :D

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One of the first times I can remember genuinely yelling “OH DAYUM” at my TV.

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